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Feeling a little lonely? Have you noticed that no one is watching your Facebook Live videos lately? Wondering what happened? Wondering why your viewers have abandoned you? It may be simpler to explain than you think!

Connecting with your social media audiences can have a major impact on your business, that’s really no secret. The more you are out and in front of your ‘friends’ the more likely they are to visit your practice and recommend your practice to others. We are going to take a look at 6 of the top reasons why no one is watching you!


6 Reasons No One is Watching You

  1. It’s Boring to Look at – When things are visually uninteresting it is likely that viewers are just going to scroll right past your live video. No one wants to sit and watch someone’s head and shoulders straight on for any length of time. It feels too much like a class! Show your viewers some pizazz! Include props related to your topic, have an interesting and bright background, give the people something to look at.
  2. Stay Focused – It is really easy to go off on a tangent when talking. We all do it. It becomes a problem when your audience is expecting one topic and they get something entirely different. If you struggle with staying focused, write out an outline to follow. Scripts can be helpful, but then you are less likely to sound passionate about what you are talking about.
  3. Post Your Topic Ahead of the Facebook Live Time and Make It Flashy – We all know the power of clickbait – whether we want to admit it or not. Planning to talk about how chiropractic care during pregnancy can make labor less stressful on your body? You could title it ‘Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy’, or you could title it ‘Make Labor Easier!’. Which one are you more likely to click on? Easier Labor for the WIN!
  4. No Viewer Interaction – How boring it is to be talked at? Your viewers feel the same way! Facebook Live affords you the opportunity to interact with your viewers in REAL TIME! Encourage your viewers to ask questions and react to what you have to say. This is a great way to interact and will likely get those viewers to watch you again and invite their friends!
  5. Consistency is Key! – So you do a video every Thursday, huh? Are you sure about that? Is it really more like every 3rd Thursday? That’s what we thought. How can you expect to have a regular following when you don’t do regular Facebook Live videos? You really can’t expect that. If you are having a hard time being consistent, schedule it out on your calendar, every week, at the same time.
  6. What Am I Even Looking At? – If you have crappy video quality, people are not going to watch your video. In the time of superfast 5G internet, grainy video just is not acceptable. Doing your videos from your phone is fine! We are not saying go out and buy a fancy camera! But come on, clean your video lens on your phone. Don’t shoot it in selfie mode – shaking hands lead to bad video quality.


Does any of this apply to you? Just make these few adjustments and you will have more people watching you in no time!

So you make these changes, now what do you do with all of these people that are now watching you? That’s where ChiroPraise comes in! We can help you convert your viewers into more new patients through the door of your practice. Your devoted Director of Marketing will help guide you and work with you to amplify your web presence. A healthier clinic is just a click away – contact ChiroPraise today!