SoftWave TRT Marketing

Get more SoftWave TRT patients into your practice.

Our specific SoftWave treatment campaigns are designed to attract patients who have specific pain points that qualify them for SoftWave therapy treatment.

Every single one of our SoftWave TRT advertising campaigns are tailored specifically to your practice. We do research and deeply understand what works for your market so your advertising campaigns are always on-point. No set it & forget it here.

If your practice offers SoftWave TRT treatment...

Get ready for your highest revenue months in the history of your practice. Most of our clients experience an exponential boost in revenue within the first 30 days of working with us. It only gets better from there!

When you work with us, you work with real people on real projects. You and your practice are not just another number. You’ll work directly with an account manager & team that closely monitors your campaigns.

We’re quick to spot and double down on what works and cut off what doesn’t.

Step 1:
Capture Attention
Step 2: Convince & Grab Info
Step 3: Create Intent
Step 4:
Educate & Excite

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Why Hire A SoftWave Marketing Expert Like Us?

SoftWave’s purpose was designated to extend the medical use of shockwaves from lithotripsy and urology to nerve and tissue regeneration, musculoskeletal pain and injuries, cosmetics and likely many more indications that have yet to be discovered.

SoftWave is sometimes known as stemwave therapy. SoftWave TRT is the first and only supplier of unfocused shockwaves in North America and continues to research and develop new uses for unfocused shockwave therapy today.

ChiroPraise is the #1 provider of SoftWave TRT Marketing in the world today. Contact us to see if our custom SoftWave Marketing Campaigns are right for you!