Search Engine Optimization

At Chiropraise we want your practice to thrive both off and online. The foundation of our custom-tailored marketing services is a professional website designed with custom SEO in mind, to provide your business with the highest opportunity to thrive online.

What does custom SEO look like?

At ChiroPraise, we tailor your SEO strategy to your business and geographical location. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution for SEO – it has to be researched and customized for each clinic. What works for large city will be different that what works for a small town. We have all of this in mind as we build out your custom SEO strategy! Check out what we did for these clinics:

This client in a smaller town in Virginia when from zero visitors to having several hundred per month in a relatively short period of time. While there is an initial spike, the growth is a gentle, continuous upward slope – exactly what is desired! ChiroPraise actively manages the SEO for all of our clients to ensure continued quality growth.

This client in Arlington, TX increased from around 100 visits a month to over 2,000 a month in a single year! This is incredible growth and was achieved through a professional website, custom SEO plan, and a doctor who allowed us to run their digital marketing campaigns the way we know works – with SEO in mind!

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that SEO starts with correctly being submitted and listed on all the major online directories? We have you covered with 70+ online directories!

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