The SECRET to success in marketing is consistency and having multiple channels that potential patients are seeing your name and hearing your message. Our experienced strategist put together custom campaigns for clients using the latest effective channels while making sure they all work together seamlessly.


Our “Dinner with Doc” community events are known for their ability to bring up to hundreds of new patients in just a single night! However, we also help with internal events and event online events like webinars!

Digtial Advertising

From Facebook to Instagram, we fully handle your advertising campaigns including search advertising like Google AdWords.

Search Campaigns

When people are searching Google or other search engines for an answer, we help them find you!

Retargeting Campaigns

Most people are not ready to commit on the first visit. We make sure to keep you top of mind by being in front of potential patients no matter if they are checking out their favorite news station or doing some online shopping. Your brand will always be front and center.

Reactivation Campaigns

Let’s face it, some patients fall through the cracks and have not heard from you in a while. We help you re-engage them to get them back in to see you again.

Direct Mail Campaigns

It’s easy to get caught up in the digital world but let’s not forget that snail mail still has its place and works!

Mass Media Campaigns

Beyond just internet advertising, ChiroPraise can help you gain new patients from all platforms – print, billboards, tv, and radio.

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