Need a system for QUALITY LEADS that SCHEDULE and actually SHOW-Up

Filling up your pipeline without much stress on your team?

Introducing the TABS Technique…

Actual Recent Results

*ROI calculation includes ALL expenses (including ad spend)

7.52X ROI in 60 days in New York!

5.38X ROI in 30 days in Alabama!

10.27X ROI in 70 days in Arkansas!

2.06X ROI in 60 days in Illinois!

14.05X ROI in 30 days in Iowa!

14.88X ROI in 6 months in New York!

“So far my practice has closed $338,300 in new patients with a half-million milestone within reach realistically this year!” – Dr. Brett

“I was a little skeptical at first that the Practice Accelerator would work for my smaller town in Alabama. I told Matt if he could get me 5 new people walking through my door it would change my practice. From the first 30 days we had 7 new patients and spent less than $200 in ads! We had over a 5x ROI. We are currently working on implementing some automations to increase show-up rates even more, which should take my ROI return even higher.” – Dr. Mitchell


What’s the lead quality like?

People with strong sales teams close 30-40% of the people who come in.

How much does this system cost?

We are not cookie cutter and customize a solution for each practice. However, we try to price things in such a manner where just a single new patient will cover your costs to make it a no brainer.

How many new leads will I get?

That depends on how much you spend on ads. Most people spend between $15-$30 per new lead and some people get better than that but we set $30 as a target not to exceed.

What if I'm already doing some form of marketing?

First off – we embrace companies already doing marketing because you understand the importance of it. Most likely you’re not implementing our unique program and thus can do it in conjunction with efforts you currently have going on.

How long will it take to get new patients?

You’ll have more people in through the doors in less than a week from today!

Do I have to do a crazy cheap new patient special?

Not at all, we have plenty of campaigns to choose from and many do not even disclose the price.

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