Become a Rockstar in Your Community

Take your business to the next level through local community events managed by our team at Chiropraise. The premiere “Dinner with Doc” events drive potential patients (up to hundreds) of people in a room to hear your message. Our Doctors have the opportunity to gain up to hundreds of new patients in a single night!

Less Hype. More Action.


We successfully help clients put on powerful “Dinner with Doc” events throughout the country. It’s a chance to share make a massive impact by sharing a meal while educating the people in your community. Whether you like to keep it intimate at 15 or you are looking to go stage-level at 300, ChiroPraise can help you get there.

Real Results

chiropractic internal workshops


We help clients put on successful internal events (often held in their practice), like internal workshops. These events are typically targeted to existing patients or patients + friends/family.




Making an IMPACT

We do not exist to drive “leads”, we are looking to make a long-term impact in docs’ lives.


Speak to the masses through the web. Record your message once and make it evergreen!

Lunch and Learns

Connect with local businesses to help educate their employees.


See how our Event services can impact your practice today!

Meet Our Successful Clients

Explore our client gallery to meet some of the many successful doctors that have benefited from our Event Services.

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